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Collects: Batman #509-510, Shadow of the Bat #29-30, Detective Comics #676-677, Legends of the Dark Knight #62-63, Robin #8-9, Catwoman #12-13.

NOTE: Catwoman #13, Showcase '94 #10 are NOT included in the tpb

Bruce sought out Lady Shiva to train him back into combat shape. He quickly gained much of his skill back, but still refused to kill. Bruce asked Robin and Nightwing to follow Jean-Paul for him. The Batman's protégés break into the cave and set up surveillance equipment to monitor AzBat. AzBat finds a St. Dumas medallion that belonged to LeHah (his father's killer), and believed LeHah was still alive. As Bruce continued to pass Shiva's tests, becoming stronger and quicker, Jean-Paul became more and more brutal as Batman. Bruce passed Shiva's final test and re-entered the cave with Robin and Nightwing. Once again Bruce Wayne was Batman. He, Robin, and Nightwing tracked down AzBats. The two Batmen dangled from a helicopter fighting. The ensuing battle was witnessed by Bullock and other cops. After AzBats fell burning into the river, Batman is blown up in the booby-trapped Batmobile. Nightwing attacked AzBat; Robin cleared the bridge. Azrael (his costume no longer resembling Batman) returns to the cave to find Batman waiting for him. They fight again, until Bruce can force Jean-Paul to take off his armor. Jean-Paul realized that he wasn't the Batman, Bruce forgave him and told him to leave. Batman and Robin, a team once again, spoiled a museum robbery. After leaving Wayne Manor and the Batcave, Jean-Paul took with some homeless people and began to see everyone as people, just like him.


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Knightsend 0

  Overall this book had some ups and downs, but overall I liked this book. While the art was inconsistent, the writing was actually pretty good throughout. The standout might be Denny O'Neil's writing in the second last issue, but there wasn't one issue where I thought to myself "wow, this art is bad," and that's a big accomplishment with this many writers. As for the art, the standouts would be Tom Grummett and Graham Nolan, with the others ranging from decent to crappy. Overall this is the thi...

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Two angry Bats battle over the mantle and Gotham. 0

Originally written 12-24-11Gotham City is in turmoil, and it isn't only because of the city's violent crime element. Instead, the city is being sent into ruins by Batman himself. Bruce Wayne, the original Batman, made an error in judgment when he passed the mantle to former Azrael, Jean Paul Valley, whom stepped in after Bruce's back was broken by the criminal mastermind Bane. Following Bane's defeat, Jean Paul has kicked Robin out of the Batcave and due to hallucinations is taking crime-fighti...

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