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Collects: Detective 664-666, Showcase '93 7-8, Shadow of the Bat 16-18, Batman 498-500 

 Bane dropped Batman's body off a building into a crowd. Alfred, Tim, and Jean-Paul picked him up and brought him back to the cave. While Bruce is comatose, Robin tells the others about their encounter with Two-Face three weeks earlier. Bruce awakened from the coma. Bane began taking over gangs in Gotham; the streets went wild with crime when the news of Batman's defeat was broadcast. Tim and Bruce agreed that Jean-Paul should fill in for the time being. Catwoman agreed to work with Bane. Bruce wheeled to the Drake's place to see Jack and Shondra. When he arrived, he saw them kidnapped, and was beaten by the gang that took them. Jean-Paul, though convincing as Batman, started becoming more and more aggressive. Scarecrow and Anarky both strike out on Gotham. Scarecrow attacked Gotham with his fear gas, demanding to be declared a god. Anarky tried to take down both he and Batman, but he failed. Scarecrow and Anarky were both defeated. Bruce and Alfred took off for Santa Prisca; Selina Kyle stowed-away on their plane. Jean-Paul began making adjustments to the bat costume. Batman broke Bane's crew out of jail and followed them to their hideout. Batman and Bane fought, neither really getting the best of the other. Nightwing found out about the whole situation and confronted Robin. Tim told Dick everything. Bane called out for Batman, and AzBats (Jean-Paul's new costume was much more Azrael than Batman) came. Bane's venom lines were cut and he was defeated. Jean-Paul Valley had defeated Bane and was Batman.


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Originally written 5-15-11 The criminal mastermind named Bane has finally won by defeating Batman in battle. To relish in his victory, he hurls Batman's broken and bloody body into the streets of Gotham City for the citizens and police to see. Robin and Alfred bring him back to the Batcave in hopes of saving his life. They learn the situation is far worse because Bane has also broken his back. Robin along with Batman's other protégé, Azrael, race for an injection to keep the swel...

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