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    Batman: Joker's Daughter (One-Shot) Review

    Marguerite Bennett has proven to be a very talented new writer, having done a terrific job of both the Batgirl Zero Year tie-in and Batman Annual #2. Bennett's storytelling was probably the best part of this issue, with the monologue from Joker's Daughter adding a lot of depth to the story. Bennett also showed how unlike fellow Joker worshiper Harley Quinn, this girl is much more disturbed, having a very mixed up sense of purpose. Added to this the brilliant pacing and intense character interaction and I'd gladly read more stories featuring Joker's Daughter, as long as Bennett was writing them.

    Meghan Hetrick's artwork was also amazing, suiting the tone of Bennett's script perfectly. The detail of Hetrick's art was simply outstanding, being very consistent, having little to no imperfections. Hetrick's layouts were also very dynamic, giving a natural flow to the story as well as a lot of impact to the action sequences. Added to this the symbolic nature behind some of her layouts along with the realistic tone that the facial features add and I'd be very happy read more comics featuring Hetrick's artwork.

    Check out my full review at Imagination Centre.

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