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    Note: The indicias in the first 3 issues name the titles of those issues as: Batman, Inc., after which the title changes to Batman Incorporated (no comma) with the remaining issues.

    Bruce Wayne has survived Darkseid's Omega Sanction, seen the end of time, returned to Gotham, defeated Doctor Hurt, and has admitted to the public that he has been "financing" Batman from the beginning of his career. But due to something he saw coming at the end of time, something only he knows of, now he must take actions to prevent whatever is coming with the global expansion of Batman's war on crime, Batman Incorporated!

    This series was set to end it's first "season" at issue #10 in August, 2011, but due to numerous delays to the title, issues #9 and #10 were unable to be released prior to the September relaunch of the DC Universe. Instead, the two issues will be published in December as an oversized one-shot titled Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes, with previously solicited artists Cameron Stewart and Chris Burnham.

    Following Leviathan Strikes, in 2012 Morrison and Burnham will launch the finale of Morrison's Batman saga in the second volume of Batman Incorporated launching in May 2012.

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