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Bury My Heart at Batman Inc.

Batman Inc. is the series that just won't quit. But why should it, with Grant Morrison at the helm churning out one literary victory after an other this series never fails to please. This latest installment has the Bat dealing with Man-of-Bats and Raven Red, Bruce's Native American counterpart. The beauty of this issue is that although Batman is not leaving the U.S. for this recruitment he is truly approaching another nation. I'm glad Morrison strayed away from the usual objects of stereotypical Native American angst and hit at the modern problems addressing a region and a people. Grant is also not afraid to show Batman (who's appearance is fairly brief) out of his element. The dynamic between Bruce and Raven Red is great because it's a mixture of mutual respect with Raven Red's hard edged realism. He's a young man who doesn't want to partake in the madness of crime fighting, but is now at the forefront of a war between Leviathan and Batman Inc. I hope these characters come back very soon because this is a perspective I'd like to see the conflict from in the future. If you're not reading this series, shame on you. Greatness waits for no man. 

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