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Bury My Heart at Batman Inc. 2

Batman Inc. is the series that just won't quit. But why should it, with Grant Morrison at the helm churning out one literary victory after an other this series never fails to please. This latest installment has the Bat dealing with Man-of-Bats and Raven Red, Bruce's Native American counterpart. The beauty of this issue is that although Batman is not leaving the U.S. for this recruitment he is truly approaching another nation. I'm glad Morrison strayed away from the usual objects of stereotypical...

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Good Focus on the New Guy 2

I like this Batman, Inc issue because it mostly focused on the new guy with Batman playing a very small part.  The dynamic between Man-of-Bats and Raven is played very well.  There's a lot of history here and you can feel it.  The only bad thing with this issue is the same as all the other issues, it feels like these books need to be a bit longer.  I feel like too much story is getting compressed into too few pages and the story's suffering a bit for it.  I think it'd be best if these were all t...

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"It's open season on Bats. Welcome to the frontline, Raven." 11

Grant Morrison's Batman is not just about the demonic connection, but also the symbol of the Bat.  What makes Batman Inc so entertaining is that Grant Morrison is redefining Batman.  Bruce Wayne is not Batman, Batman is that urban myth, that protector.  Most of this comic deals with Man-of-Bats and Raven Red, the Native American equivalent of Batman and Robin.  Like how Dick Grayson splits the role of Batman to show that the symbol is bigger then the man, Grant Morrison again shows that the idea...

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One of the best Batman Inc. issues... 2

When I first saw the cover for Batman Incorporated #7 I worried that I was in store for one of Grant Morrison's self-indulgent mind trip issues. Instead it's a great book which is easily one of the best Batman Inc. stories. I have a love/hate relationship with Morrison's work. He's done some stuff that I've really liked (most of his X-Men work) and some stuff I really didn't like (I'm looking at you R.I.P.). So far he's kept the Batman Inc. concept together and it's really a shame that come Sep...

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I Wanted to See Him Ride a Damn Buffalo 0

Batman, Inc. brings another member of the Batman of All Nations into the fold as Batman pays a visit to the reservation home of Man-of-Bats and his son Raven Red. The issue gives a look at the status quo of these two Native American heroes but offers little more than that, serving up an underwhelming experience and one of the weaker issues of the series.  The solicitation and cover hype up a story that is far more exciting than the one actually contained within the pages. This issue somehow mana...

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"Welcome to America's Third World" 0

Man-Of-Bats and his son Red Raven (Formally Little Raven, but don't tell that to his face) haven't received the spotlight very often. Never, in fact. They've appeared in perhaps five issues prior, and a guest appearance in the Brave and the Bold cartoon comic. Two of those comics were published in the 1950s. It should come as a surprise, then, that the two make for one of the best issues of Batman Inc. yet, if not THE best.  Well, until you hear that Grant Morrison wrote it.  The issue doesn't d...

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Batman Incorporated #7 0


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Man of Bats, Hero to All 0

Batman Inc. continues to show us that heroes come in all varieties, and as Bruce Wayne once again ventures across the globe he finds like-minded individuals who are all fighting different fronts of the same war. In this month’s installment “Medicine Soldiers” Grant Morrison showcases Man of Bats and his side kick son struggling to define their impact on crime.   Man of Bats is first and foremost a champion of the people. Sure the Dark Knight has been known to employ the downtrodden and spread hi...

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Batman: Incorporated #7 So when I saw the cover to this issue I was like "oh God what the hell is this supposed to be about?" and when I read it I actually enjoyed it! OK so this issue is about a father and son. The father is Man-of-Bats and the son is Raven Red. Can it get anymore Navajo or something? JUST JOKING! They're both the local crime busters of a crime ridden town in the desert. Man-of-Bats is also a doctor. His son is starting to resent what he does. They break up drug crimes, and not...

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