Batman, Incorporated #6

    Batman, Incorporated » Batman, Incorporated #6 - Nyktomorph released by DC Comics on June 2011.

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    Wayne Enterprises’ latest press conference is interrupted by a strange new gang led by a villain calling himself “Emoticon-Man” - and Red Robin is appointed as the leader of the Batman Inc. stealth team (better known as The Outsiders) in the next chapter of Grant Morrison’s globe-spanning Batman epic.


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    Batman is Everywhere! 0

    The angle Grant Morrison's arc seemed to avoid was the idea of the urban myth of Batman, is he real?  That angle is no longer avoided and Grant Morrison makes sure to address the myth aspect of Batman.  People ask if Batman is real, and if he was not Bruce Wayne will invent him.  People ask if Batman can be everywhere at once and Batman responds by being everywhere at once.  There is a war brewing between Batman Inc and Leviathan and the chess board is being set with all the pieces soon in place...

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    World of Batmen. 0

    Batman Incorporated #6 Okay so I'm going to start off by saying that this issue left one huge question on my mind concerning my favorite comic book character ever, which you'll read about later in my review. So this issue starts off with this low rate crime gang called the average joes with a very strange man called Mr. Nykto. Bruce continues his big plans of Batman inc. by creating Batman androids or robots for everywhere. Batman has many people working for him on this war against Leviathan. He...

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    Bruce Wayne With His Bat-Bots Is Just Creepy 0

    Grant Morrison hits the accelerator this issue, racing through the establishment of Batman Incorporated to get many of the pieces in place in very short order.This issue comes as a bit of a relief to readers like myself, who have been losing patience and feeling like it was taking forever for Batman Incorporated to take shape. This issue sets out to give us that shape and shows us the members of Batman, Inc. who have been recruited along with some new recruitments.  Not everyone who appears on t...

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.
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