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"You know me. I don't like Jokes"

Falling skies, a big explosion, people in danger, flames everywhere, family in peril, all that set the mood for this spectacular issue, where Batman must decide between Damian and Gotham City. If one day writers envisioned Talia as the new Ra's Al Ghul, Morrison's take of the character is definitely it:she's not anymore the devil's daughter, she's evil herself, she's the embodiement of everything against Batman's beliefs and apparently nothing will stop her cruel and mad plans. For me this was a very fun and entertaining issue, especially because we get to see Batman kicking ass and, no matter the tone of Lone Vigilante/Work alone hero that marks this issue, there's this incredible synergy of the Incorporated working with him, there's a great mojo, energies are in sinc: Batman using his technologie against Talia's goons was awesome. Also, Morrison really nailed in the dialogues here: he built an environment of thrilling and shivering mystery between Talia and Batman's actions and lines, also a deep tragedy growing up feeling with the Incorporated members that survived last issue big explosion.This balance of dynamics plus all the action involved, resulted in an excellent story about power, taking over a city and parental alienation (please, check this link for more information, it's a very actual discussion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parental_alienation ). The only things that bugged me a little were the abrupts cuts from Batman to the Bat cave and how Talia's plans, somehow, are very like Tyler Durden's Fight Club (please, watch this movie if you guys haven't, it's a must see). Chris Burnham is constanly amazing me with his art: his notions of movement, frame by frame there's this great sensation that things really are in progress, especially the scenes with Batman. This is a true gem, every Bat fan should be reading this and even those who aren't very fond of the Bats (like me, for example, that only recently started reading the character) should embark in this crazy world of terrorism, domestic disturbance, love, animals and action!

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