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Talia and Bruce discuss Talia's plans, as the Bat-Pets get an extra addition, and a deaths begin to occur.

Story & Script

Grant Morrison really puts Snyder to shame with this issue. While it's likely not one major character will bite the dust in Death of the Family, Grant decides it's time to clean house. A character who's been a major recurring character bites the dust with three other character's lives appear to be nearing the end.

The death comes almost out of nowhere, which is what made it so surprising. We're lead to believe another character is about to die, when BAM(!) it happens. Despite how out of the blue it is, it's still done very well. The character's last words and the horror and anger in another character's eyes make the scene extremely emotional and horrifying.

One of the highlights of the issue for me was the one with Tim, Jason, Damian and Dick. It's got a great feel to it, they feel like family. A dysfunctional one, yes, but it manages to capture that feel they all(minus Jason) had before. Tim is also written fairly well despite only really having one line.

The sharp contrast between the Robins, and the members of Batman Inc is really well done. While Damian gets a pet kitten(Aw yeah Alfred!) and Jason cracks a joke, the others lay dying in the wreckage of Monarch Theater. The issue is similar to that of Chew #30 in how it has a bit of humor but with some tragedy mixed in. My theory regarding the Heretic is revealed to be true(or so it is hinted at), and it is a brilliant development.


The cover is amazing partly due to the colors. The interiors are excellent as well for the most part. Like I've said Chris Burnham adds a lot of details to the art. I recognized one of the people replaced by Leviathan as the woman from the first few pages of issue three. The facial expressions are fantastic, Damian's expression when greeted by Alfred, the Robins, and Squire's emotion are the best examples of this.

The fill in artist does a good job for the most part but there is a scene where Damian's face looks really, really awkward. Otherwise though they did a pretty good job.


Best issue of the series so far. Great stuff.

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