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Angles.  And more angles.  Actually, all kidding aside, it's a very cool looking cover.  I really dig how it portrays Batwoman at the top and Wayne down below, and the angular (if you couldn't tell) approach taken. 
The Good: 
For maybe the second time this series I am able to understand an issue.  This one relates to the last issue a great deal, but it's also a terrific stand-alone issue.  What I mean is that it gives you a beginning, a great retrospect of old characters and then redefines them in comparison of new ones, and hence some sort of resolution as well.  Yes, we do get somewhat of a retcon, but it works well here, and it really makes you wonder how it will all pan out.  I'm curious if Batwoman (and Gaucho, for that matter) will join Batman Inc. soon; I think that it would only make sense, at least for Kate Kane.  
The Bad: 
I know that old issues should not reflect on newer issues, especially when they're better.  I also realize that each issue should be reviewed by itself.  But sometimes that's really hard to do when an issue seems like it's making up for the previous issue.  I know many liked Batman Inc #3 (personally, I didn't), and I feel that my dislike for that issue hinders my judgment a little bit.  All that simply to say that I think the main bad thing for this issue, at least for me, was that I was so lost from the previous issues and the overall relevance was very unclear that I came into this issue with a sour taste in my mouth.  Also, slightly more relevant, after two issues, I still don't care a single bit about El Sombrero nor Scorpiana.  Hopefully that changes. 
This issue was a much better improvement over last issue, and it certainly gives me as a reader something to look forward to.  I had actually considered dropping the series if this issue didn't do it for me.  Thankfully, it delivered in both story and art, and hence it remains in my pull list.  Let's hope that we get more issues like this one, and less of the weak caliber of the previous issue. 

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