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Review: Batman, Incorporated #4

The new Batwoman gets an odd crash course in the life story of her predecessor at Kane's Kollosal Karnival.

The Good

Good lord, does Morrison remind you why he's an A-List writer with this one. From the dreamy, surrealistic mood to the virtuoso storytelling devices, it's hard to miss why he's such a master of the field. Burnham's art is just gorgeous to look at,  evoking the work of Quitely, Williams and classics of the Silver Age while still maintaining an identity all his own. 

The Bad

It does seem to fly in the face of this book's effort to push Batman into the future if it's got a whole issue devoted to one of the hokier and more involved remnants of Pre-Crisis continuity. The classic Batwoman, in particular, always seemed to represent how far Batman could get away from his core concept by establishing a whole "family" of crime fighters - - and this is bringing all of that back!

The Verdict - 4.5/5

I suppose my summation of "the Bad" explains why this is such an accomplishment. For all my reservations about Batwoman and her place in continuity, this single issue makes the best argument regarding her importance in the mythos. Once again, Morrison makes abundantly clear how fascinating the more surrealistic corners of Gotham can be.

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