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Review: Batman, Incorporated #4 1

The new Batwoman gets an odd crash course in the life story of her predecessor at Kane's Kollosal Karnival.  The Good Good lord, does Morrison remind you why he's an A-List writer with this one. From the dreamy, surrealistic mood to the virtuoso storytelling devices, it's hard to miss why he's such a master of the field. Burnham's art is just gorgeous to look at,  evoking the work of Quitely, Williams and classics of the Silver Age while still maintaining an identity all his own.   The Bad It d...

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Batwomen! 0

Cover:  Angles.  And more angles.  Actually, all kidding aside, it's a very cool looking cover.  I really dig how it portrays Batwoman at the top and Wayne down below, and the angular (if you couldn't tell) approach taken.  The Good:  For maybe the second time this series I am able to understand an issue.  This one relates to the last issue a great deal, but it's also a terrific stand-alone issue.  What I mean is that it gives you a beginning, a great retrospect of old characters and then redefi...

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Enter the Kane Affair 6

Enter the Kane Affair  With all the delays to the ongoing Batwoman series it is good to see Kate again, even if it is Grant Morrison writing her instead of Rucka and/or J.H. Williams III.  Morrison has studied the Bat mythos so well that I don't question anything anymore and the origin he is presenting us with the original Batwoman can only be presented to us by him and him alone.  As much as I do miss Greg Rucka, Morrison is spearheading the whole Bat-universe and I just love the direction in ...

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Batwoman Sizzles, Batman not so Much 0

Continuing the story from Batman Incorporated #3, Batman and the Gaucho are forced to do battle to the death like in a classic Star Trek episode while across the globe Batwoman takes on Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman. After investigating a series of attempted murders and conspiracies, Batwoman keeps coming upon the ouroboros symbol, which is a snake eating it's own tail. Meanwhile, somewhere on a rocky coast, an older man in a large black hat and cloak sits and sings about a symphony of destr...

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Batman Incorporated #4, The Kane Affair 0

Grant Morrison and artist Chris Burnham take the Dark Knight and Gaucho to a battle till the death! However, during this time Batwoman is tracking down ghost of the original Batwoman's past! While her case is totally different from Batman's and Gaucho's, their paths will cross and reveal a shocking plan, created by El Sombrero!  The Good  Grant Morrison really did a good job on this issue. He intertwined the original Batwoman's history with the current Batwoman and made an overall great i...

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I need my Batwoman fix man. 2

Issue 4 of Batman Inc and the reason im getting it because Batwoman is in it and I need my fix of her.  The Story: Batman and Gaucho are still in EL Sombrero's trap and Batwoman is chasing after a woman and meets another women dressed up as Kathy Kane Batwoman.  The Good: Morrison is able to pull in anything from the Batman mythos and have it make sense.Here we have how the orginal Batwoman fits in Batman's early days,Whats also cool about the art in those portions are the same as you would back...

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