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Who is Wingman?

This Batman Incorporated series has been a lot better than the first and it's showing that Morrison can still write good Batman issues. I have also been enjoying Burnham's art during this series and think it suits these characters.

This issue sees Damian in his new Redwing disguise join the other members of Batman Incorporated including the mysterious new member called Wingman in helping save Batman. Man-Bat's are also involved in this issue and near the end the identity of Wingman is reviled and it's a shock who it is.

I liked this issue and it was nice to see the other members of Batman Inc. involved in the series again. I also liked how Merlyn was used as one of Talia's henchmen in this issue and how she used Man-Bat's once again. The only bit of art I didn't like in this issue was when Red Robin came through the window along side Knight and Nightwing as it didn't look realistic, and the wings didn't look right, but besides that brilliant art. I also liked who was reviled as Wingman and hope we see him in further issues. I also loved all the action in this issue and it's had the most action in any of this series so far. I also like how Batwing is still involved in this series despite the fact he has his own series as he's not been in many of the issues so far.

Final verdict. A brilliant issue and this series looks like it's going down the right path. I would highly recommend this issue and the series as a whole.

Rating: 4.5/5

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