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The beginning of the end 1

I love everything Grant Morison does. From JLA to Final Crisis, I've been totally on board for whatever Morison has in store, and this may become my favorite thing he's ever done. While there may have been a slow start due to delays and zero month, this issue alone is obviously ramping up for a big finally. Watching an actual war between Leviathan and Batman inc. is such a cool thing to see, and seeing each member play a part in Batman's overall plan gives you a real sense a how badass these guy...

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The Final Phase 0

With the release of Batman Incorporated #4, we the fans find ourselves reading the homestretch of Grant Morrison's Batman epic, assuming no more shoehorned zero issues, flashback interlude stories, or month-long delays.This installment finds Batman Incorporated fighting tooth and nail against the League of Assassins in the aftermath of the trap which Leviathan set for "Matches Malone". For the first time, much of Batman Incorporated's roster is fighting side-by-side, and the result is quite a sp...

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The Psychotic Perspective: Batman Inc. #4 7

Kill BoxI've enjoyed Batman Inc., but the series has often begged the question, “Where is this all going?” It purports to be a team book, but in the past two issues, we have seen nearly a complete absence of anybody but Batman (issue #3) and a helter-skelter issue containing lots of character but no real point. (issue #0). Does Morrison finally strike the right balance between Batman and company, or are readers left to scratch their heads once more?In this issue, several operatives of Batman Inc...

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Who is Wingman? 0

This Batman Incorporated series has been a lot better than the first and it's showing that Morrison can still write good Batman issues. I have also been enjoying Burnham's art during this series and think it suits these characters.This issue sees Damian in his new Redwing disguise join the other members of Batman Incorporated including the mysterious new member called Wingman in helping save Batman. Man-Bat's are also involved in this issue and near the end the identity of Wingman is reviled and...

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Batman Incorporated #4 0

THE GOOD: It's great to have Chris Burnham back on this book. His sketchy style and huge amount of details make looking at the book fun and interesting. He also adds some interesting panels that really make you think and it ends in a happy result. The expressions move you heavily in this issue. Damian near the end with his face confused but sad, just feels so tragic. The story is focused on action but there are huge story reveals in this issue. We get to see Batman Inc fight Leviathan. It's inte...

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Cheers to the new Dynamic Duo 0

Why I Bought ItWell, after a bit of a delay, we come back to Morrison's Batman. Let's see how the story is flowing.What I LikedI like that this issue really felt more like a team book than having a couple of side characters make a random appearance and then shuttle off to the background. I also liked that, thanks to the revelation of Wingman's identity, that Batman Incorporated is really about reaching out as far as Batman can to find allies. And I would definitely like to see a Wingman and Redb...

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Battle Royale! 0

For prior reviews Batman, Incorporated #2 Batman, Incorporated #3 Batman, Incorporated #0Plot: It's an all out battle issue when Batman Inc takes on the League of Assassins! Wingman's identity will be revealed!Art: WOW! Chris Burnham just kills it on this book! All the detail, the first page with Talia looking out at Monarch Theater is just fantastic. Only negative I have is that with the certain character reveal, this characters face looks extremely awkward.Plot: There are only two things about...

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It's interesting how this cover postulates the idea of a Dynamic Duo made up of two characters who are using temporary new identities to hide their TRUE true identity, since their foes are after their other persona; AND that it's two of the most brutal and vicious members of the Batman Family.Chris Burnham's artwork is usually very excellent, and it still looks very awesome in this issue, but it's really inconsistent. Don't get me wrong, the excessive action scenes in this issue are all executed...

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