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This Put The "Detective" in Batman

***DC had postponed this issue due to certain events. My local comic shop still sold this issue whether they were aware of the postpone or not***

The Good.

Common knowledge tells us that Batman is "The Great Detective", unfortunately, DC either forgot to add that in their books or forgot how to make it good. It seems Grant may have seen that since The New 52 and went for it. And with the return of Matches Malone, that felt even more true. This books feels like a crime novel where there is snooping and a mysterious plot yet to be solved. That's what separates this series from the "Bat Books" and gives you an appreciation for such. It drives you reading and FINALLY answers the big question from issue #1. And if you think you loved Bat Cow, you're going to love the last page. 'NOUGH SAID.

And the art continues to be superior. When the first volume gave certain issues to multiple artist it didn't bug me, but after having a constant Chris Burnham, we don't need other artist on this series. Always consistent and always great!

The Bad.

Yes, the rumor has been that this book was deemed insensitive as it may be true. I'm not the judge of people's personal feelings. It doesn't help that we keep mentioning Colorado too, but DC was right in releasing it later. The book had a cold open, BUT IT WAS NOT GRANT'S FAULT. Issue was written before the incident and it goes with the story and plot. Negativity should not come from this, you may only just cause more harm. Read if you're willing to remember and move on.



  • Enjoy that we get some detective work
  • Enjoy the wonderful art
  • Enjoy the ending as much as I did

- The Cyan Lantern

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