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"Did you ever wonder what it's like to be dead?"

Batman faces off with Mr. Death.

Grant Morrison brings out some great storytelling in the second issue of Batman Inc. One fact I got to admit that I like about Morrison is bring back old villains for the new generation of readers. Mr. Death is a very colorful character. Given the fact that he's somewhat of an immortal adds some depth to him and his antics. But besides Mr. Death, I like that Bruce gives Jiro a second chance, but not outright.

The artwork remains the same as the first issue. The detail is everywhere even with the smallest things. The action pages are great as well. I also like J.H Williams III cover as well.

Not entirely sure of the idea that Japan has literally a Batman now. This is probably because I read Batman Annual 12 first before this issue where Nightrunner is the Batman of France but not wearing a Batman costume, just the symbol. I think Jiro should have a bat symbol with the Mr. Unknown outfit.

Selina departs in this issue as well. Minor complaint.

Overall: Slowly, the idea of Batman Inc. is starting to come together. In the meantime though, Grant Morrison's story are pretty entertaining. Can't wait for the next issue.

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