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Batman Incorporated #2: Branching Out 0

 What an Awesome Line The second issue of Grant Morrison's epic Batman Incorporated story starts now! As Catwoman dives in for Jiro's girlfriend, the question on everyone's mind is, how in the world is a giant squid in the apartment?! Okay no one is asking that question. Anyway, the dynamic new era of Batman continues with the Dark Knight dishing out the pain on Lord Death Man! With the help of his on/off Girlfriend hero/villain Selina Kyle A.K.A. Catwoman, and Mr. Unknown 2, lookout bad guy...

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The Most Dynamic Comic Out 3

As you can tell from the praising title of this review, I quite enjoyed Batman Inc. #2. While I feel it lost a little bit of the momentum of the first issue, and I secretly hoped we'd get the cliffhanger referencing the 60's show, this i the most dynamic comic out now. Nobody is doing what this creative team is doing. In Lord Death Man, we have a truly interesting and manic villain perfect for the darkly campy style evoked.  Bow to Mighty Lord Death Man!  Batman's foray into Japan is simply ...

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Batman Inc. 2 0

       Well, it would seem as though Grant Morrison is slowly redeeming himself to me. Never a big supporter, the end of the Return of Bruce Wayne made me jump back on Batman to see what Batman Inc. would be like. Two issues into the main book I think it's shaping up quite well and looks like it could potentially become a top book for me, if Morrison plays his cards right. Two issues is much too early to judge everything on though. Still, with Yanick Paquette at his side Grant Morrison brings us...

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Welcome to the Batman Corps. 6

Batman Incorporated concludes its trip to Japan with mixed results and a weak finish. Japan now has its own Batman, and if this is any indication of how the rest of Bruce Wayne's global outreach is going to go, I am not sure I want to stay on this ride.  Grant Morrison presents a strong and interesting character (or characters) in that of Mr. Unknown. It is a different take on the usual mentor/apprentice working relationship that we usual see in DC Comics, and it is a shame that we had to come i...

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It's Sad That There's Already a Better Batman Inc Story Than This 2

The Good: J.H. Williams' cover is fantastic. It does a great job of representing the country of the issue and the characters, and it's just so trippy without being truly psychedelic. It looks nice. Yanick Paquette's art looks a lot sharper than the last issue and I'm finding myself enjoying it a lot more as well. There's an absolutely bizarre sense of camp blended with a dark strangeness that really only Grant Morrison can pull off so well. It seems to suit this title along with the new directio...

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"Did you ever wonder what it's like to be dead?" 2

Batman faces off with Mr. Death. Pros: Grant Morrison brings out some great storytelling in the second issue of Batman Inc. One fact I got to admit that I like about Morrison is bring back old villains for the new generation of readers. Mr. Death is a very colorful character. Given the fact that he's somewhat of an immortal adds some depth to him and his antics. But besides Mr. Death, I like that Bruce gives Jiro a second chance, but not outright. The artwork remains the same as the first issu...

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Batman Inc #2 review 0

  BATMAN INCORPORATED #2 (Resurrector) (DC) Morrison, Paquette Art: 7 Story: 8.5 Full review at So I’m not taken by Paquette’s bulky art, but it is growing and two issues is beginning to take definition. That being said it is hard to find anything else to nitpick in Batman Inc #2. We pick right where we left off with a stunning one-page recap where we see the end events of last issue drawn in a different angle. Keeping the action going, Catwoman du...

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Morrison + Manga = Awesome 0

  I thought that I’d review another one of my comics that isn’t Superman related. Batman Inc caused a great stir at the time when it was revealed as many fans didn’t warm to the idea of there being more than 1 Batman. However, looking past Bruce’s mediocre return, Batman Inc pulled off a highly fun, wacky, enjoyable issue. Now will issue 2 be as good?   Synopsis   Batman and Catwoman attempt to stop Lord Death Man from wiping out the Japanese superhero population and Jiro tries to prove to ...

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Keep going!! 0

First the Catwoman and Batman thing well its about time and as far as INC goes I am loving it!! What the hell is going on in the DC Universe that has Bats all shook up for?? Batcaves and Batmen all over the world!!! HMMM I have my ideas but I am not sure yet IDK if DC knows whats up yet!!! FYI Superman is losing its copyright soon and the family is after DC for the rights!! So is this a back up plan in case they lose Superman?? IDK but its got me hooked!!...

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Redemption! 0

I didn't care too much for the first issue of Batman, Inc.  This one redeems the series.  It's a shame Midtown Comics didn't have issues 3 and 4 because issue three appears to involve a Mexican Batman.  Anyway, I enjoyed a few things about this book:  -Catwoman's fate re: the diamond from issue #1 -While Batman stays true to his rule about never killing a villian, I think what he does to Lord Death Man is infinitely worse! -The art is great  The only thing I didn't like was a little bit of the d...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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