ironhawk22's Batman, Incorporated #13 - The Dark Knight and the Devil's Daughter review

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Kane You Do Me A Favor?

Plot: Talia V.S. Batman.


Story and Script


Grant brings his Batman epic to a close with some good writing and shocking twists. Talia has some great dialogue here and I absolutely love the

"You, with your jokers and riddlers, your evil doctors. All those grotesque mental patients you chooseto "match wits" with. You'll play in the mud for the rest of your life. Oh, my detective... You should have killed me when you had----had the chance"

Line. Talia really makes her case here as Batman's number one foe. Oh and surprise that woman in the dress who we all thought was Kathy Kane since like Leviathan Strikes, well plot's Kathy Kane. Still she's frakking awesome, and I hope they do a 'Kane: Woman of the Bat' ongoing or something with her, Hood, and *crosses fingers* Stephanie Brown, Jolisa(from Leviathan Strikes), and Cassie Cain. I know it's never going to happen but I can dream.

The scenes between Bruce and Jim are great. There's also a great setup for a future storyline and...*shocked voice* the possible return of DAMIAN?!?!? What?!! I loved it. I knew Grant was lying about the whole "No Damian return at the end of Inc.". Talia's "death"(I use quotes because by the end of the issue her body alongside Damian's is missing from the grave) is fantastic. She never stops talking which ends up being her down fall. I do wonder where Talia will go from here once she makes her inevitable return. What has happened to the remains of Leviathan? Could that be something that could be used for a Kathy Kane ongoing?


Chris Burnham tops off his Batman run with some stellar art. Some of my favorite frames listed below

  1. Talia's last words.
  2. Kathy's golden gun killing Talia. Talia's backwards head motions really the icing on the cake. Chris Burnham can draw very good action whether it be the clashing of swords, Batman holding Talia, the Heretic's head rolling before Talia, Nightwing fight scenes, and of course this scene I mentioned.
  3. Batman holding Talia.
  4. My favorite scene of the issue, Batman and Talia's sword fight. Damn.
  5. El Guacho.
  6. Batman and Talia's last kiss.


While I was a bit disappointed with some of the later issues in this volume, I really loved the conclusion.

5/5 Pretty damn good

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