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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 1991.

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    An Elseworlds tale set in an alternate reality where Oliver Cromwell did not die after only five years of rule (as he did in reality). This resulted in the Commonwealth of England surviving and the Monarchy never really being reinstated. Consequently, modern day America is a puritanical theocracy, and oppression of dissenters is rampant. Bruce Anthony Wayne, an upper class orphan and one time trainee to become an Inquisitor (a type of police officer) is about to be ordained as a minister. A few days before the ceremony, Inquisitor Jim Gordon reveals that the deaths of Bruce's parents were likely ordered by the government; Bruce vows revenge, donning a demon costume once worn by his father in a passion play.

    The fates of a number of other prominent DC characters are alluded to here, with major appearances by Dr Mid-nite (Charles McNider), Flash (Barry Allen), Zatanna, Aquaman, Clayface (Matthew Hagen) Saul Erdel and Superman.

    Ranked #25 in Wizard Magazine's list of "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born".

    Collected in Elseworlds: Batman Volume One.


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