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The villain named Hush, created by comic superstars Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, makes a dramatic return to the life of Batman. What will this mean for Bruce Wayne? Secrets shared years ago between Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliott begin to have dangerous repercussions in the present. Why is this mystery driving Hush to destroy Batman's life? What part does Catwoman play in Hush's plans? Collects BATMAN #846-850.

Secrets shared years ago between Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliott — a.k.a. Hush — come to light with dangerous consequences in the present! Guest-starring Catwoman, this new hardcover ties directly into the "Batman R.I.P." event and collects DETECTIVE COMICS #846-850. As Batman finds himself barely capable of handling the diabolical threat of the Black Glove, Hush attacks Bruce Wayne in his personal life by setting his sights on Bruce's ex-lover: Catwoman!


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The Heart Is Forever Inexperienced 0

The Story: Hush returns with a new plan to strike at Batman and hurt him in a completely unexpected way that catches Batman off guard. My Thoughts:I loved Jeph Loeb's Hush story arc that came out years ago and was excited at reading this comic in which Hush once again seeks revenge on Batman. I must begin by saying I throughly enjoyed everything about this comic. Paul Dini was the perfect writer for this story. He brilliantly weaves together a riveting story that captures your interest and more ...

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The famous story of Hush continues! 0

4.5 stars Introduction: After reading “Batman: Hush,” I really got interested in Hush’s character and where he came from since we only saw half of his story in the original story.But thankfully, some of my reading friends managed to recommend me a story that continues the storyline from “Batman: Hush” and it is called “Batman: Heart of Hush!” With great writing from Paul Dini, who also wrote some of the episodes from “Batman: the Animated Series,” “Batman: Heart of Hush” is definitely one comic...

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Lacks heart. 0

So I just finished this book and it's a bit difficult to explain what I think about it. Where should I start... where do I have it...ah yes there it is.Ok, I got the hardcover edition. The design is really cool, I like these water colors and the pastel tone. When I remove the wrapper even more awesome artwork comes to light. Really nice. The price was ok too, I paid 14 Euros (that's 20$) and the paperback is around 14$.Ok now lets look on the inside.The story consists of five parts and unfortuna...

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