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A new ongoing series explores the new Gotham City from a mysterious vantage point. Plus, the first of a series of BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE backup stories by a variety of creators, beginning with writer Warren Ellis and artist Jim Lee. Frequent "No Man's Land" writer Devin Grayson (THE TITANS, Black Widow) is joined by her "Fear of Faith" collaborator Dale Eaglesham and inker John Floyd for a thrilling new series that explores Batman and the people who help him in his fight. Told through the eyes of an unknown party, the series offers a new perspective on the Dark Knight Detective. Each extra-sized issue will feature 8-page BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE-style stories by an array of writers and artists, beginning with an installment courtesy of writer Warren Ellis (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, PLANETARY) and artist Jim Lee (DIVINE RIGHT: THE ADVENTURES OF MAX FARADAY, FLINCH). In the guest-star-packed BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #1 (featuring a cover by Dave Johnson), a horrifying crime attracts Batman's attention and forces him to revisit the ghosts of his past as Oracle, Nightwing and Robin attempt to help him solve the mystery.

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