Batman Giant #5

    Batman Giant » Batman Giant #5 released by DC Comics on 2020.

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    1. Unplanned Obsolescence: Killer Moth is shot dead by a night watchman, but Batman doesn't think it adds up (reprinted from Batman: Gotham Nights #7 - Unplanned Obsolescence)

    2. Joker's Wild aka "Whatcha Got in the Trunk?" : a possible Joker origin story where he is an up and coming comedian and a club manager doesn't like his act

    3. Face the Court: Batman vs. The Court of Owls (reprinted from Batman #5 - Face the Court, Part Two)

    4. Elegy Part 4: Rubato!: Batwoman battle Alice to prevent a poisonous cloud from getting released in Gotham, and who is she exactly? (reprinted from Detective Comics #857 - Elegy, Part 4 - Rubato; Pipeline - Chapter 1, Part 4)

    5. Rise of Raptor Part 1: The Parliament of Owls is eliminated by Raptor, but at what cost? Nightwing will find out (reprinted from: Nightwing #7 - Rise of Raptor Part One)


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