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It's Batman vs. The Architect! The downfall of a major Gotham family! The betrayal of Damian Wayne! It's all here in this final issue, plus the untold fate of Gotham City's first Super Villain!
Be here as GATES OF GOTHAM sets the stage for a bold new direction in the Bat books!

Batman: Gates of Gotham #5 starts with Batman grappling toward Kane bridge in order to help them stop the Dillon May - The Architect. Black Bat goes underwater to find the explosives. Batman leaps and and attacks the Architect. Cassandra finds the explosives, then Damian helps her figure out what to do with them. As Batman battles the Architect, Cassandra Cain, the Black Bat ties the explosives to the Bat-boat in order to set it off at a safe distance. As Batman and the Architect debate, Batman reveals the flaws of the suits, and how Bradley experienced Decompression Sickness which may have caused his death. Since Nicholas also wore the suit a lot he would experience delusions, hallucinations and paranoia. Dick said the Familes only covered-up the story to protect the Gates. Nicholas wasn't sent to prison but rather to Arkham. Then Batman asks Dillon how long he has been in the suit. Batman knocks out Dillon May.

Cassandra Cain visits Tim at the bunker talks about how whenever something is destroyed it usually comes back better than ever. Bruce video-conferences Dick asking him what had happened. Dick confesses he was scared of becoming Batman because he didn't want to change into Bruce. And Gotham chooses to reveal things even if people don't like it, and that he figured out he can be Batman. Bruce responds by saying he never doubted him, and that even with time Dick could become a better Batman then himself. Then Bruce reveals he is returning to Gotham.

In 1889, Alan Wayne visits Nicholas, tells him he has arranged that the best care money could buy. He also gives him a journal in which should help him with his recovery. Nicholas is angered saying he will have his revenge. Alan questions Cameron Kane to see if he was behind the Death of Bradley. Cameron Kane denies that he was involved.


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"She reveals things whether you like them or not." 0

Synopsis: All is revealed in the finale of Gates of Gotham. What's Good? The previous issue was a slight setback, getting readers ready for the battle between Batman and The Architect. There's a couple of interesting facts that come out during it. As with the previous issues, history plays an internal role, and has not changed with this issue. It comes along quite nicely, especially at the end. Besides the confrontation, it was the aftermath that left me intrigued as the Bat family shared some n...

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

Perception is Reality 0

The Batfamily prepares for the final showdown with The Architect with the fate of Gotham at stake.   The Good This cover's a vast improvement over last issue's.    Last issue's story had some very good writing and story/character progression but I was let down by the art. For the finale it's all McCarthy.  His strengths as an artist really shine through in this issue. His ability to display unique and fluid motion really enlivens his art. And the minor touches like Cass and Damian removing their...

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

A fun satisfying ending to a great mini-series 0

I have thoroughly enjoyed "Batman: Gates of Gotham". It's been a history lesson of sorts on one of Batman's most important characters - Gotham City. It has cleverly told parallel stories that came together last issue but is dealt with in this wonderfully structured finale. Kyle Higgins, Scott Snyder, and Ryan Parrott are the architects behind the story and I have loved their resourceful use of flashbacks mixed almost perfectly with the current day pages . With the exception of last issue, this ...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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