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A trip to Hong Kong certainly helped this series move forward!

Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, Tim Seeley, and Guillem March journey once again into the story of Batman: Eternal. This time, Batman visits Hong Kong and joins a fellow Batman, The Batman of Japan; Jiro, for answers as to why Falcone left Hong Kong to takeover Gotham City.

The Good

Batman teams up with Batman; for some answers that will help Batman.
Batman teams up with Batman; for some answers that will help Batman.

To summarize what happens in this issue; Batman joins Jiro; the Batman of Japan, for some answers as to why Falcone left a gang war for control over Hong Kong; for a gang war for control over Gotham City! Mondo butt is kicked in this issue; thanks to Batman and Batman; but this story does an excellent job at continuing what issue 8 began. One of the things that this issue proved [to me] was that sticking with a series, through its ups-and-downs, will certainly pay off!

What I loved most about this issue was, that it didn't make me wait to see why Batman left Gotham in the last issue for Hong Kong. The writers did a solid job with this issue's story; I was greatly impressed! Seeing how issue 9 builded on issue 8's story, that was a nice change! Usually, we would have to wait two or three issues before we got answers. This issue worked out perfectly because it gave us a bunch of action, that should've been in the last issue, and it balanced well with the writers' story.

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Having Batman travel to Hong Kong, allowed The Dark Knight to team up with one of his Batmen to help add to the story. I like how Batman Jiro is a Batman; in the sense of being a detective and crime fighter, but also how he has his own background [or history] with Falcone that makes him feel relevant in the Eternal series. I really like when writers can do that and not just shoehorn characters in, solely because they have some connection with the main character. It makes the characters feel a bit more important and not feel like a cameo.

One other part that really was a surprise at the end was Alfred's daughter?! What??? I'm interested in seeing how that will work out, hopefully the writers continue to answer our question(s) in one issue; instead of two or three down the road!

The artwork was fantastic! I love Guillem March's artwork because he makes the characters look, well, I don't really know? Cool I guess! I think its his style and the colors that make him one of the BEST Batman artist.

The Bad

No complaints! I really enjoyed how this story continued off of issue 8's.

The Verdict

And, the plot thickens!
And, the plot thickens!

Need I say more? 5 out of 5!

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