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Batman Eternal #5

Potential Spoilers Ahead in Problems section.

The Book

This may be the best Tim Drake has been written since The New 52 began. If it isn't, then it's the most memorable. This issue not only focuses on Tim Drake being a detective, but it also sheds light on how Batman is coping with the loss of "The Family" in the wake of Batman Inc, Forever Evil, and Death of the Family.

The art is fantastic. While last issue seemed rushed, this issue felt the opposite. Like I said in my last review though this is bound to happen with a weekly series and I kind of expected it.

It's nice to see Harper Row function outside of being obsessed with Batman. She really shines in this issue, as does Vicki Vale. A character I never particularly cared for and always thought of as "Batman's Lois". But Tynion and Layman really manage to capture her personality and the journalistic drive that has been missing from Lois since The New 52 began.


The ending. The character introduced in the ending as being a contributing force behind the "infection" was originally introduced in a backup in a Zero Year issue and while he does seemingly fit well into the story, if you didn't pay much attention to the back ups you'll be left wondering who this is and what his connection to "Young Mister Wayne" is. I'm curious what other characters from the back-ups will play a role in the series going forward if any at all.

Also the source behind the infection seems odd. They almost seem like they might be tying into Future's End in some way and I really hope they don't as it would just seem forced.


I can't say much different than I did in my last review. I am loving Batman Eternal. Since the New 52 began I had wanted a series that focused more on the Bat-Family as a whole and this is it. I'm really looking forward to next week's issue and seeing where they take these characters from here.

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