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Batman Volume 10 (Scott Snyder's epilogue)

The new 52 was not loved by fans of DC comics but the one thing that stood out was Scott Snyder's 9 volume batman run. Now it's over Scott Snyder's batman run is recognised as one of the best batman runs of all time. I am personally in the belief that it was the best and I pertucarly enjoyed Volume 1 Court of Owls and Volume 7 Endgame but around volume 8 super heavy I dropped off as Bruce Wayne had been replaced by Jim Gordan as batman. I recently went back and read volume 8 and 9 and although I did enjoy volume 8 I was personally a huge fan of volume 9 as it was the return of of Bruce Wayne and in my opinion Scott Snyder writes the best Bruce Wayne. The story was also written very well and I couldn't of asked for a better rutern under the circumstances of what had happened to Bruce. That brings me to this book the epilogue to Snyder's Batman. This book was amazing it showed a peacful Gotham city and a heartwarming goodbye to Scott Snyder's batman. Althoguh this Batman is still getting some new stories monthly in all star batman it is not the same as it may be Snyder's batman but there is to many safeguards to it (even though it is a great series). Althogh batman as a character will live on with Tom kings writing that is still pretty solid nothing can compare to Scott Snyder's batman. I defenetly recommend picking this up if u r at all a fan of batman in anyway and especially if u loved Scott Snyder's run like I did.

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