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Stat of something special? 7

Batman has a very special place in comic and general folklore. Even people who dont read comics can probably tell you how he got started and except for the likes of Spiderman and Superman thats a rare thing. The people who do read comics and watch the various Batman cartoons and movies have seen his origins numerous times and can state the film that young Bruce and his parents where going to see, the name of the mugger etc. So you may ask why another origin? I'am getting ahead of myself so i wil...

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A New Batman Beginning!!!!! 0

Geoff Jones and Gary Frank team up and make an awesome story. The story of Batman is the same, but with new changes too. His father was running for mayor and asked Alfred to help keep them safe, but got killed. Alfred was different from his other versions and I liked this one a lot because he was the one who trained him. The enemies like Mayor Cobblepot, and The Birthday boy were great and were tough foes. We also saw how Jim Gordon was and why he was acting the way he was. The story was amazing...

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No Surprises (But Such a Pretty Garden) 1

I was interested in reading this graphic novel but after a couple of pages I wondered what the big deal is. Yes, it's another origin story, so every character gets a slight tweak so we can say "Oh, they're like this now!" But I didn't find that particularly interesting, especially because the tweaks were so minor and eventually lead to the same results we know already.After a while, though, the book got more suspenseful and I couldn't stop reading. The conflict between Bullock and Gordon became ...

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Suggestions for Improvement 1

Plausible World: 4/5To me the main strength of the book is that the characters feel like real people and I could see what they experience happen to actual people. For example, this book does a good job of explaining how a rich couple that has a driver would wind up alone in an alley to get murdered. One thing I do wonder about with this story, and other Batman stories, is why folks like the state attorney general or the FBI haven’t looked into the obvious corruption in Gotham.Art: 3/5If I had to...

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Batman Earth One, A Worthy Book To Own 2

We have seen Superman Earth One (written by J. Michael Straczynski and artwork by Shane Davis) and how the success of the Earth One series has now spawned, Batman Earth One! With writing by Geoff Johns and artwork by Gary Frank, the two creators are taking Bruce Wayne on a similar, but new, adventure that will really have you clamoring for more from this team. If you enjoyed Superman Earth One, then you will enjoy this even more, as this is a take on the Dark Knight that hasn't been looked at be...

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Something a little different in a good way 0

I thought this was an awesome revamp of the origin of Batman. It doesn't change the main story but it does kind of put a twist on the roles of the players. I would have never guessed who the mayor was but after finding out a lot of things make sense. I like Alfred's new role, and I like how they showed Gordon's transformation as well as Bullocks', they kind of switch roles in a way. Overall I enjoyed the story....

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A New Take on Batman 11

After reading Superman: Earth One just over a year and a half ago I was really looking forward to the future of Earth One and when I hear that Batman was the next one to come out, and that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank were working on it I was counting down the days till it came out. I've always wanted to see how Johns would handle a Batman story as well, as after getting me back into Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Aquaman, I'm sure he'd do a great job with the Caped Crusader.P...

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Batman and Geoff Johns? Yes please! 0

This is a really cool, brand-new take on Batman's origin story. Although it's technically set in a different dimension, even casual fans will know most of the characters, and be able to follow the story easily. That being said, I want to warn parents that this book isn't meant for kids. There are several curse words and sexual insinuations used, and the entire story is set in a very violent, dark Gotham City. That darkness lends well to the story, because this book is all about the war between g...

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Great for beginners 0

This is my first comic I have read. The graphic novel, Batman Earth One, is a great introductory of Batman. I knew who Batman was and the basics but I wanted to read something that would solidify my understanding and this book was perfect. The book at times can get a little confusing jumping through time periods but other than that, it was great. I highly recommend it for beginners....

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Origins! 0

Being inundated by origin stories, at first I said to self, "No, not again!" Origins, reboots and so on, you get burned out as a comics fan. But with being impressed with Johns' Green Lantern series, I gave it a shot.Nice hardcover book, easy to hold in the hands as you admire Frank's artwork. Batman as Bruce Wayne, a happy kid living in a mansion, part of a family that helped build Gotham (along with the insane family, the Arkam's. There is an attempt to connect the families, but this is not a ...

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Ultimate Batman 0

Batman Earth One is a great way of creating an alternate Batman on a parallel Earth. It bares similarities with Frank MIllar's Batman Year One though it improves on it big time. Earth One is what I'd call a next generation Batman Graphic Novel it is set in the modern era because character have smart phones and it mentions blue ray. The premise of Batman Earth One is Batman parents are killed so Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) can win an election for Mayor. Batman looks for leads to his parents death ...

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One of the more 'human' Batman stories 0

First off, who doesn't like a good superhero origin story? There interesting to read, have a solid beginning/middle/end (boy lands on planet, boy grows up and learns he has powers, boy becomes superhero) and most of all, most superhero origins are iconic to the comics mythos. And who could forger one of the most iconic origins in comics ever, the origin of the Dark Knight. It has been retold, flashbacked and even drastically altered in many comics, games and movies all of which have little to do...

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One of the best Batman Stories in years 0

This was an amazing story that I did not want to put it down. I loved this book. The idea to make Alfred the Wayne's bodyguard posing as a butler was a great switch that won me over. Penguin is the mayor of Gotham. Batman's mother is part of the Arkham family and it says that any Arkham that goes into the asylum will go insane. I highly recommend this book to any Batman fan....

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