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Danger comes to Gotham City in this action-packed 48-page Special featuring art by Leinil Yu & Gerry Alanguilan (SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT)! Danger Girl mentor Deuce dispatches Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, Johnny Barracuda and Valerie on an assignment in Gotham City, home base of Batman! Meanwhile, Donavin Conrad, old enemy of Abbey, is also in the big G, and forms an unlikely alliance with one of Batman's greatest foes! Adventure, mirth and mayhem ensue as the Dark Knight joins forces with the hottest spy chicks in comics!

Danger Girl enter Gotham City on a tip that Donavin Conrad is doing a deal to sell a mind control gun. Batman is aware of this and of the Danger Girl team's appearance, unhappy at them moving in on his turf.

Conrad's client is none other than the Joker, who has the gun but not the activation code currently in Conrad's possession. Conrad offers the code in exchange for revenge against the Danger Girl team, but Joke twistedly cuts off Donavin's hand and blackmails him into handing over the code. Donavin tells Joker that the code is locked away in a bank so Harley Quinn and Conrad leave to go pick it up.

Meanwhile, Abbey and Sydney have gone to rent a car for their mission. Abbey choose the most expensive and fast car she finds, which the shop tells her is sold. Bruce Wayne appears and hooks the girl up with the car and an invitation to the Gotham Historical Society ball.

Later on, Conrad and Harley are ambushed by Batman, but escape and manage to get to the bank and withdraw the mind control gun activation code. Abbey and Sydney find the Joker's hideout and confront him, but he tricks them into believing a bomb is about to go off and they can't get to him in time. The bomb was in fact a box of exploding confetti.

Abbey, using Silicon Valerie's techno skills, activates the Bat-Signal and alerts Batman to their presence. Abbey offers to team up with Batman, who naturally refuses, and a fight breaks out between them and Sydney. Batgirl makes an appearance and she square's off with Sydney. After the fight ends, they exchange information but agree to go their seperate ways.

Johnny Barracuda, along with Silicon, have set up Donavin, Joker and Harley to meet at the Historical Society's formal dinner in an attempt to spring an attack on them. He lets Abbey know the plan and the two Danger Girls head for the ball. They ring Bruce Wayne on the way and meet him at the door. Johnny, meanwhile, has dressed in a Batman suit and heads to the ball himself.

Johnny is defeated easily by the Joker's goons and Harley, and, mistaking Johnny for the real Batman take off his mask and start gloating. In swings Batman and the Danger Girls, and after a few exchanges, Donavin and the Joker are defeated. Just as the Joker is to use the activated gun, Batman points it back at him and tells the Joker to punish himself. Joker is lead away punching himself in the face.


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