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    Awesome start!

    The Good

    Although I feel the action is a bit rushed, it's still awesome. The beginning is really good, and I like how Deadshot kind of reveals his personality/past more, unlike other comics which make him a random paid mercenary. He actually talks about giving discounts to the father for losing his son. Also, the art is great, except for one aspect (I'll get to that later). Onomatopoeia is great in this story for such an underrated character, and I love how he rejected Joker's request to kill the police officers. The battle between Batman and Zasz was intense.

    The Bad

    I think the overall art is pretty good and fits the atmosphere, but I just don't like how they draw Joker, but that's just my opinion. I also feel that the action is a bit rushed.

    The Verdict

    A great comic, but certainly not among the best of anything like that. However, it is a good start to a great series, and readers who are interested in Onomatopoeia should pick this up since he isn't used often.

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      A good start 0

      So, I have to wonder how many villains is Smith planning on cramming into the story here? However many I am sure they will be put to good use and given a portrayal we may not have seen yet. Such as the Joker is done here. I am not quite sure I have ever seen him so depraved as i did here. He has always been the worst of Batmans villains, here Smith takes him into the gutter. The story revolves around the Joker discovering that Maxi Zuess took his Joker venom and made a recreational drug from it....

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      Violate His Carcass Sexually. Yes, the Joker really does say that 0

      I love this book...flat-out love it.  I'm a big Kevin Smith fan (though I didn't care for the Clerks Animated Series at all), he's one of my personal heroes, so naturally I'm biased, but still, even if I wasn't I would still dig this book.  I like the art, Walter Flanagan will definitely be getting a few phone calls from other writers following this arc, and the writing is awesome, the story seems like it's going to rock (love the idea of a gang war between Batman villains), and Victor Zsasz is ...

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