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Batman Beyond Unlimited #5 review

I was a huge fan of Batman Beyond when the show came out, and I was head over heels when they decided to bring it back in book form. I'm even more glad they aren't trying to sync it up with the DCU or DCnU but leaving it in its own universe. And that's something you need to keep in mind as you read these little vignettes.

The Stories

None of them really did anything for me emotionally, which was odd because I could feel the writers trying to tug at my heart strings. The Warhawk story especially, what with the referencing the Hawkman/Shayera/John Stewart/Vixen episodes of JLU.

The Batman story I was really digging up until the last page, where I literally said "oh come on, not this cliche."

The Superman story, on the other hand, didn't seem very fresh until the last page. I let out an "OoooOooh" on that one.

The Art

The Cover: Good. I like the digital-esque scan lines to make it look futuristic, but I don't get why the skeletal formulae (the drawings of chemical compounds) were there. To make it look sciency?

Batman: Kinda weird. It was very reminiscent of the cartoons Mike Mignola designs in the Bruce Timm style, but the shading and level of detail varied a lot from page to page.

Warhawk: Great line work, cool painted look on the coloring, but they don't match... at all. Also, there is a surprising lack of backgrounds. When people are standing around in a lens flare on a gradient, it makes the shadowing look worse than it probably is.

Superman: Good. I'm guessing it's the right blend of hand drawn and digital effects. A lot of the little things really got me, the dust as Supes flies through a wall, the glow of flame transitioning to smoke. A couple of faces look weird if you pay close attention to them.


None of the stories were really compelling; none of the art was amazing. But nothing was offensively bad, or mind-numbingly dumb. If you liked the Batman Beyond cartoons, or the previous books this would certainly merit the 99 cents on Comixology.

Best part of the book right here.
Best part of the book right here.

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