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Batman's investigation into the murders of Dark Knight villains past and present leads him to old associates of Bruce Wayne...some of whom aren't so happy to see him. While the mysterious killer picks his next target, the rift between Terry and Bruce widens.


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Review: Batman Beyond #3 0

Terry McGinnis sees himself spread thin as his Batman duties start intruding on his normal - - a dilemma ratcheted up by the increased lethality of Hush's vendetta against the rogue's gallery.  The Good Everything I loved about Batman Beyond is back! It's like no time has passed at all. A lot of us used to comment that when BB was it's best, it recalled the classic Lee/Romita era of Spider-Man and that's very much the case here. You can't help but feel for Terry as he tries to do right and liv...

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Batman Beyond Continues to be Excellent 0

The Good: It's Batman Beyond, that alone is a good. We get to see our first battle between Hush and Terry. THE WALL is keeping secrets. THE WALL is just as intimidating as ever. Excellent Kingdom Come reference. It ties itself right into Return of The Joker without strangling itself with it. It also further distinguishes itself from it quite nicely. SPOILER ALERT: Our first ever sighting of Future Dick Grayson. : ALERT OVER.Still overall great writing.  The Bad: It's not just Terry, all the McGi...

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A Step Up? 0

Previously on this Batman Beyond mini-series, I have praised Adam Beechen for making the most of the 32-page format after giving an all too short introduction with Issue #1. But a constant thorn in this book has been the art of Ryan Benjamin. Can Issue #3 keep up the momentum its previous issue has done? Put on your batsuits, as I review Batman Beyond #3.  The Good  How could Hush know that, I wonder. Working off a solid conclusion, Adam Beechen has made a good opening narrative in the start...

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