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You are not HIM!!??

Barbara Gordon is now an elderly person and commissioner of Gotham city. She still has some heroics left in her. However her combat with Scarecrow in her earlier Batgirl days has left some undesirable recidue of the fear gas in her. A little girl is kidnapped and only Barbara can solve the mystery but her fear of heights due to her fear gas ailment keeps coming in her way. She seeks our young Batman's help but expresses that Terry can never be Him but somehow does trust him in this endeavor. Now I was taken aback when she tells Terry that he is not Bruce during the beginning of my read but then at the end Barbara clarifies her statement which gives a satisfactory ending to the story. A very nice script and love Barbara's touch to the story with some flashback into her Batgirl days. So far this is my favorite issue of the current volume.

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