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    Next Batman 0

    The Following events of Batman RIP and Final Crisis, Battle of the Cowl was an Epic Series for who shall be the Next Batman, knowing already that Batman is no more. Now all the pressure is on Dick Grayson whether is he worthy should he be the next Batman, or is Batman him self is still alive. The criminals in Gotham take advantage of this Crisis and try to Take over Gotham City, knowing that Batman is no more, but someone else under the shadows appear the one who claims and wants to be the next ...

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    The Rise Of Dick 0

     In this issue we see bascally every one of Batmans sattelite characters are trying to regain control of Gotham City. At the same time, someone is beating the crap out of bad guys and in some case killing them dressed as Batman. Of course if you have read more than a couple of the recent Batman comics, it is not hard to figure out who it is.   Of course , we are now seeing the "return of Bruce Wayne previews, o there is no mystery that he is coming back.  So this is the story of Dick Grayson tak...

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