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The Psychotic Perspective: Arkham Unhinged #44

Slough of Despond

It is time once more for the bane of my existence, Arkham Unhinged. I thought that perhaps this series could be good, but in the last four issues it has been unbelievable bad. To call this a crappy comic is an insult to crap. Does issue forty-four continue to stink things up, or has the series finally pulled up out of the death spiral of stupidity?

In this issue, the Mayor gets harassed by the media while Bruce contemplates the Arkham City facilities while they are still under construction. Bruce soon gets wind of a crime in progress.

Arkham Okay?

This issue was a vast improvement over the last. I assume the credit must go to Karen Traviss, the new writer for the series who has just taken the reigns from Derek Fridolfs. This issue does exactly what the series should have been doing all along, expanding on the concepts and repercussions of the games' central narrative. In this issue, we see some of the political fallout from the construction of Arkham City and the displacement of the criminals from one end of town to the other. These kinds of political and sociological realities make for interesting new stories...potentially. If Traviss continues this trend, then we can look forward to a fun story, but it is a little early to determine if she has all her ducks in a row.

Unquestionably, this issue is better than the rest, but one of my complaints about the series still holds true. Specifically, the issues are very short. For whatever reason, someone on the creative team has decided that the panels for these issues must be obscenely large which means that it only takes about five minutes to flip through the story.


Presumably, a new villain called Bookbinder is introduced, and I must say I am interested. It appears that he is a murderous vigilante, but time will tell. A character, presumably Calendar Man, is shown in custody, and I am curious to see how he will connect to the story.


This issue is a vast improvement over the last, but the series still has a lot to prove before I accept it as worthwhile. If you are interested in checking this series out, this would be an okay place to start.

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