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The Psychotic Perspective: Arkham Unhinged #43

Uninvited Guests

I enjoyed the Arkham video games, but the plot of Arkham City stretched my incredulity a bit. Sadly after reading a couple issues of Arkham Unhinged, I have discovered that the writing here fairs even worse than the game. Does issue forty-three convince me I’ve been wrong about this series, or does it just add weight to the idea that this comic brings shame to the name of the Bat?

In this issue, Alfred, Nightwing, and Robin defend Wayne Manor from an attack by Tyger security.

Make It Stop!!!

God, I hate this series. Part of me wants to give up my promise to follow and review every Batman series just so I can stop undergoing this torture, but alas, I must press on.

This issue is actually a slight improvement over the last. At least at the end of this issue, we do not discover that the whole story has been nothing more than a training simulation. Also, Alfred is in this issue, and he is actually well written, and who doesn’t love a little Alfred?

Unfortunately, all the other characterizations continue to suck. Nightwing and Robin are seen grinning widely in nearly every panel even though their home is being stormed by a hostile force. Even if we accept the idea that a group of a dozen armed soldiers are no threat to them (which is not something the Arkham games would ever suggest), they should at least be concerned about the possibility that these soldiers already know or might inadvertently discover the Bat Cave thereby ruining our heroes lives. However, rather than show concern for this, the two idiots grin broadly as if they are going out for a night on the town, and Robin has no shortage of puns to make during combat all of which fall absolutely flat. “I’m feeling generous, so I’ll give you a grand,” he says while kicking villains into a piano. Words cannot adequately represent the amount of impressed that I am not by Fridolf’s writing.


I could probably write an essay on all the problems with this one issue alone. Suffice to say that this is not a good series and you should save your money.

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