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Arkham: Unrelated

It's been a little while since I've played Arkham City, I admit, but I'm pretty sure this story has nothing to do with the game except for like one poster on some side street that mentions the Bookbinder. That's it. How is this a prequel to the game? Worse yet, the story doesn't even end! It just stops! Batman magically figures out who the Bookbinder is after virtually no detective work, stumbles blindly into a magically old series of aqueducts that just so happened to be secretly hiding right under the city behind a magic-secret wall, confronts the villain who sort-of quotes John Bunyan when he isn't busy killing people and destroying the well-being of the innocent people he is purportedly rescuing only to have the villain say "you have no proof," which makes Batman run away and sulk. You can't possibly accuse me of spoiling the plot, since no such thing exists. Attempts at sub-plots likewise go nowhere, leaving the reader with a series of disappointments - fortunately, it's such a forgettable work, the disappointments will be short-lived. I'm wholly confused what the point of this was: it in no way prepares us for Arkham City, it does not introduce a new villain, it gives us no satisfaction for a stand-alone story. What was this?

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