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Enthusiasm Unhinged

ZLONK! WAP! OOF! are basically what this feels like. It's not great, but I suppose it could be a lot worse. Most of these stories don't go anywhere meaningful. The Black Mask story is uncertain if it wants to be an origin story, a pre-game lead-up story, or a clever, creative story and fails on all counts. Likewise, the Talia story tells us things we already knew and gives us little reason to care for Talia, especially. Would Batman save Joker's life from the other inhabitants of Arkham City? Maybe, but I dunno. The epilogue likewise is just off and unnecessarily (and purposelessly) dark and filled with gaping plot holes (far more insulting to the audience than a sign of "artistic creativity"). I'm sure other stories were in this collection, but that I can't recall what they are after reading it not that long ago should tell you how forgettable they are.

I would have started with volume 1, but this was the only volume at the library (and I certainly would not pay money for them). Does this make me want to replay the game? Nope.

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