kartron's Batman: Arkham City Digital Chapters #1 - Chapter One: Hugo Strange review

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Short and awkward art. Its not Carlos D' Anda's art here..

  • I cant comment much on the story as it is too short due to it being a digital issue.
  • This gives an idea about how Hugo Strange is turning individuals at power into Tyger commandos who are ultimately meant to control Arkham city under strange's administration.
  • The art in the panels are totally awkward and not so worth even as a digital comic buy.
  • Interior art is not Carlos D'Anda's - mind you. His art is only on the cover. And this is just 4 sheets (8 pages) worth of comic.

It is better if you have it as part of Batman: Arkham City collected edition rather than buying digital version individually. This collects upto #5 of these digital ones...

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