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Valuable Collection

The Good -> Paul Dini & Carlos D'Anda, The Art & Extras

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  • This is a great collection as the art of Carlos D'Anda is truly AWESOME.
  • Paul Dini has a strange way of having you glued to the book and throw in surprises at times.
  • This does have the same theme, colors, suits and clothes very accurate to what is in the game (I have the X-Box version)
  • Compared to the earlier "Arkham Asylum" comic book, this is 1000 times better in overall quality of delivery. The locales, the suits, the effects, villains - all accurately match with thiose in the video game.
  • The first 5 issues are the collection of Batman: Arkham City volume.
  • This has been till date my favorite Batman & Catwoman art representation. The Batman's armor suit is praise-worthy.
  • The hard cover has the art that is on the #1 of Batman: Arkham City volume - you will see if you remove the dust cover but in slightly different color combinations. This was unexpected.
  • The art sketches at the end are a welcome especially the Arkham city's version of Joker, Harley Quinn, Tim Drake, Two Face and the hot & cute Talia Al Ghul with different hairstyles!!!!
  • The story, what can I say, it is very intriguing and has situations which directly or indirectly match those in the game. There is Bruce Wayne, Vicki Vale, Joker, Two Face, Catwoman and in Digital chapters there is introductions to Harley Quinn, Hugo Strange, Tim Drake, Bane and Jenna.

The Bad -> Initial Digital Chapters

  • This book collects the first five of the Batman: Arkham City: Digital Chapters. The disappointing part are some initial 3 digital chapters. Although the story is alright but the art in them are not Carlos D'Anda's art but those are by different artists for different chapters. The main theme however is set by dini and d'anda that is followed here but at certain points the art sucks that it is worse than even children's story/ comic book. Batman looks like a baffoon in one of the digital chapters (Looking at this, I remembered Frank Millers horrifying Batman art in the dark knight strikes again..).
  • However the last two issues are nice about Tim Drake & Bane.

Overall, this is a great deal since the original 5 issues are fantastic and the digital chapters comes with it - I wouldnt recommend buying digital comics seperately. Priced at just $23 this would be fantastic value.

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