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This year's Batman annuals collide in a 2-part story involving both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as Batman! In this second part of the story, when a Batman, Inc. recruitment trip to Paris, France leads to a murder mystery, the heroes deduce that the assassinations are connected to a strange cult leader. But will this religious figure take them one step closer to solving the bizarre murders? Or are The Question, Bruce and Dick getting one step closer to becoming the next victims?

Continued from this month's Detective Comics Annual #12!


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Listen DC, Just Give The Question A New Ongoing 0

The Good: David Hine writes an amazing Wuestion here. All the events of the past year have pushed her to this point, and the emotions are there in full. We see deep into her mind and come out sane and understanding. Batman also notes why he chose her and what one of her greatest attributes is, her control of her own mind. This issue clearly presents all the reasons why The Question is such a great character and why she totally needs her own ongoing. Similarly, the evolution of Nightrunner has be...

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"You'll excuse my saying so, but...two Batmen!" 0

Batman continues to track down the mysterious murders in France with the help of The Question and also recruits another vigilante for Batman Inc.   Pros: Like I commented in Detective Comics Annual, I still wonder why The Question hasn't got her own series yet. She plays a bigger role in this second part than part one. But besides The Question playing a role, the story comes together more quickly than the last issue. The villain Korrrigan is a real trick with an ability to control people. It i...

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Surprisingly Better Than Batman, Inc. 0

David Hine concludes his two part contribution to Batman Incorporated and actually tells a far superior story to the two issue opening arc of Grant Morrison's Batman, Inc. Hine hits all the right notes, selling the new Batman status quo better than any writer so far while also introducing an interesting new hero to the mix.  Pop culture was the only culture we really got from Grant Morrison in Batman, Inc. But here, Hine dives right into the cultural tensions in France with the new character of ...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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