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When a private investigator working for Bruce Wayne tracks down Halo's parents, the Outsiders prepare to return her home.

Halo continues to suffer from recurring nightmares regarding her true identity. Katana’s dual nature is explored. She is a merciless warrior who displays nothing compassion for the amnesiac Halo. Jason Bard has found success while investigating the identity of Gaby Doe (Halo) for Bruce Wayne. Geo Force and Halo share a bittersweet goodbye after Batman assembles the Outsiders to reveal Halo’s identity. Katana is compelled to assist a doctor she just rescued patch-up the assailant whose lung she punctured. Metamorpho attempts to reconcile with Sapphire Stagg. However, Java interrupts the conversation. Rex is overcome when Simon Stagg attacks with multiple Orbs of Ra. Dr Jace intervenes on Rex behalf. Sapphire assists Jace remove Rex from her father’s compound. Batman and the other Outsiders accompany Halo to her home town. Batman sneaks into the local police department searching for additional information on Violet Harper (Halo). The team leaves Halo with her parents.

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