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    Volume 2.

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    For Pre Flashpoint volume 1, refer to Batman and Robin.



    A "New 52" volume of Batman and Robin (Vol 2) featuring Bruce and Damian Wayne as the father/son Dynamic Duo, written by Peter Tomasi, and drawn by Patrick Gleason.

    Following Damian Wayne's death in the pages of Batman, Incorporated, for five months (#19-23) the title had a rotating cast of supporting characters, changing the volume's name for each issue with a slightly modified indicia of the unique title followed by the original title with issue number in brackets.

    Villains Month Issues

    In September 2013 DC's books focused on the villains after the events of Trinity War and Forever Evil. The issues were then numbered with .1, .2, .3, & .4.

    After September's Villains Month issues, the title continued with the rotating title with a various supporting cast and members of Batman's rogue's gallery until issue #33 when it resumed the original Batman and Robin title.

    Collected Editions

    Non-U.S. Collected Editions


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