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The plot dealt with the Dynamic Duo facing off against the Wizard, a hooded villain whose identity remains a mystery throughout the serial until the end.

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dislike of damian 0

Read damian and tellmy why would anybody would like him? He is a murderer/jerk/egomatic. There artnt any reasons to defend him. 1 what so big about him being batmans son? he should still get tied for mass mureder . The reason i say mass murder because in order to get desnsitized to murder e must have had to kill at least 20 PEOPLE!And so what is hes ten he has the mentality to kill and do much worse no dought. Another resaon iv seen to defend him is that he loves animals! Ras a Gual loves ani...

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dislike of damian 0

i started this here to mke some sence of what kind of people like a murderer/little brat/ jerk. Why damian is portrayed as a hero i will never understandi love it when fans defend him because all the reasons are laughable. 1.he likes animal/has pets 2.i lovehis attitude 3. he is batmans son first of all why is liking animals or having pets(ras al gual loves animals too and yet hekeeps tryimg to wipe out the human population of the world(exept himself and a few select people).Second ...

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