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Not too bad there Peter

Disclaimer don't take what I say too seriously or for 100% accuracy. Still read the thing.

WHAT UP??? Alright, so let's just go right into it. The comic book straight up starts with a pissed off Bruce beating up a crying nerd.

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Ok, so it isn't that bad. Said nerd stole military stuff and set Gotham on fire and had to face the Batman. But you got to feel for this guy.

So Batman takes a batnap and then Alfred is all like "Yo, wake up" and Bruce is like "Five more minutes mom!" but Alfred's just "Dude, it's lunch time, get your but out of bed!" So Bruce whines and then is all "Oh yeah, I let my 10 or 11 (seriously, did Damian have a birthday yet or what??) son wander around on his own in the middle of the night, did he ever make it home?" and Alfreds all like "Lol, funny story."

So now they're on a plane. Like, straight up on a plane and Damian's all like "Dude, let's go on a Rich Road trip!" (because a normal road trip includes roads, this road trip involves a private jet) and Bruce is all like "Well there is still a bad guy on the loose that is trying to burn down Gotham, but lol, Game on"

No, he actually says that last part for realsies.

But then, this happens:

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The little Bat Junior just tricked the Batman. So now he's running around Gotham while Bruce has a very emotional trip where Alfred teases him about crying, but in that OK way that make's Bruce realize it's ok to cry. But I rather not really go into it. Though I really want to ask where Damian is getting his costume advice from, Nightwing? You know which Nightwing I'm talking about *glares at the 80's*

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So Bruce catches Damian red handed and is all like "Dude, you suck at green screens" and tells him Dick would always take advantage of him leaving, but then they have their own emotional moment and I smiled.

Then we get this awkward moment from Alfred and they go back home.

So all in all I rather enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried, I swore, and then a dog just randomly barked in the middle of my apartment building where they aren't allowed and I totally jumped, screamed, and nearly deleted this post.


I tend to type what's on my mind.

Anyway, I liked it. Nearly 5 stars! Great job Peter. I like seeing Damian and Bruce's relationship grow.

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