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Art: This has easily been the best issue for art thus far. Some of the images are so striking and bold, I could look at them all day. The first and last pages in particular, which are close ups of Robin and Batman respectively are so effective at conveying the raw emotion of the characters. It means that little text is needed and the art speaks for itself. Pat Gleeson is really getting into the swing of things and is improving each issue.

Plot: It seems Robin has traded allegiances and has proven himself worthy to Nobody but Damian remains coy about the situation. Batman continues the hunt to find his son and along the way sheds more light on his past with the Ducards and his training. It's a wrenching read as this is the issue where Bruce and Damian's feelings for each other truly begin to wring out.

Verdict: Damian is slowly becoming one of my favourite Robins. The inner conflicts with his past and future mixed with his bad temper, killer instinct and incredible talent make for a compelling character. Peter Tomasi has got a really good hold on Damian and knows how to get the best from him. This was a great issue and the series has been getting progressively better. The last few pages in particular were fantastic as we see desperation and hopelessness begin to overtake Batman. This is new territory for the Bat and I can't wait to see how he deals with it all.


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