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As the bond between Batman and Robin deteriorates, Robin is forced by NoBody to make a life and death decision – and Batman's hunt through Gotham City to find them reaches a soul-searing moment that will push Batman to the edge!



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Shoot To Thrill 0

Last months issue of Batman And Robin ended on one of the better cliffhangers I've stumbled across in a comic lately. What made it so great was that you could picture the scenario going either way. Writer Peter Tomasi gave fans something to consider for a whole month. No time is wasted at all as we quickly find out whether Damian pulls the trigger or opts not to. Without ruining what happened, I will say I enjoyed the way the events unfolded. Tomasi handles everything in this issue superbly. The...

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Daddy's boy. 0

Art: This has easily been the best issue for art thus far. Some of the images are so striking and bold, I could look at them all day. The first and last pages in particular, which are close ups of Robin and Batman respectively are so effective at conveying the raw emotion of the characters. It means that little text is needed and the art speaks for itself. Pat Gleeson is really getting into the swing of things and is improving each issue.Plot: It seems Robin has traded allegiances and has proven...

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Batman's Son 0

More so than any Robin ever, Damian is truly a little Batman in progress. Without spoiling too much, Damian demonstrates a masterful ability for tactical planning, and an ability to detach himself from those close to him for a better executed plan.NoBody shows even truer colors, he's not just a Batman that could've been, he's a Robin scorned to his own father, convinced that Bruce attempted to upstage him. The rampant theme of fathers and only sons is extremely well executed here, and we see jus...

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