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The Concluding chapter of the opening story arc opens with Batman holding a prisoner who is tied up with rope on his feet and hands through the streets on the Bat-Quad.  Once he talks Batman leaves him on the steps of GCPD.  Gordon calls Batman and doesn't like is methods, asking "Who the hell are you?" to which Batman quickly responds, I'm Batman and telling Gordon to trust him.  Meanwhile Damian wakes up, tied to a chair, watching Professor Pyg operating on a patient.  Pyg rambles on and on, and then starts dancing to music which he describes as Sexy Disco Hot.  As the music plays and Pyg does his weird stripper, dance Damian loosens the rope that binds him, in time to stop Pyg and his goons from putting a face on him.   

Damian takes care of business and promises to help this girl get out as long as she stays with him.  However she attacks Pyg and as he starts to flee Damian goes after him, only to be dragged down by the same girl for fear of being left alone.  Damian then gets smacked across the face with a piece of wood.  Pyg looks like he is about to beat Damian, only Batman arrives just in time knocking Pyg out of the way.  Pyg states how he isn't dressed and he didn't do anything wrong.  Both Batman and Robin knock him out together.  
Batman tells Robin that besides going into battle alone and without research he did a good job.  Damian asks him what he's doing here to which Dick replies "Partners, Remember?"  Damien asks quietly if he just saved his life back there.  Gordon arrives and Batman tells him about the sickness and the antidote.  As they explain their respective parts Batman states he has found another Domino, like he was meant to find, signally that while this part of the story is finished, it's not over.  
At the end of the issue we see Batman and Robin in the bat mobile discussing Robin and Batman.  There's a sense of continuity because as they are traveling they find Le Bossu, part of the criminal cabal that took down Bruce Wayne and tried to Lobotomize Dick.  Dick indicates to Damien that this time it's personal.  They crash though a window into showing that Batman and Robin are not dead.  Back at Wayne Tower Alfred looks at some pictures as the page pans out to a building across the way, indicating there is someone watching the Tower.   The issue ends with the girl Robin tried to save, attacking police officers while yelling "He's my Papa ?"  A mysterious figure asks if she needs a friend as he fatally shoots a police officer she did not see.  He proposes her be his partner asking her to trust the Red Hood, scourge of the underworld.


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Damian rocks 0

Really really great. The usual thick layering of Morrison’s Batman work continues. Like his run on Batman, Morrison’s comics don’t always read that great as single issues but read together they are fantastic. Pyg as a villain is insanely sick and brilliant and my fav Batman villain for a long time. Quitely also does great work here (and I’m not generally a fan). Stand out scene was when Pyg had Robin tied to the chair and danced provocatively in front of him before Damian responds by saying “You...

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