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No more stupid costume for Red Hood

Batman and Robin are on a mission to save Red Hood.

The Good

The issue starts off a bit slow with supporting DC villains I could care less about, but this issue is a lot more than that. There's a lot of great character development with Jason "Red Hood" Todd. Just within the few fight scenes we see, we understand how his mind works and what kind of person he is. I really enjoyed the slight banter between Dick and Jason as well. Both characters understand how each other works in battle, and they have a mutual respect for their craft in some weird way, even if Jason does spend most of his time in his own head belittling Dick Grayson as Batman. 
More importantly, the dumb Red Hood costume is gone, and Jason goes back to, more or less, the Red Hood costume from when he returned from the grave. Well, it's more of a mixture of the two costumes, but I really dig it. It beats him looking like a lipstick container.

The Bad

I am really not digging the art on this issue. Greg Tocchini did the art and Artur Fujita was on colors, and overall, it just feels unfinished. It does have its own great style, but I don't feel like it fits the book very well. It's just not up to par with all the great artists this series has had in the past. I'm also confused why, in the second part of this story line, that there is a new artist on the book. It's just a real bummer when you open a series you really like and get something not only unexpected, but something that isn't your cup of tea.

The Verdict

Overall, it is a good issue, even if I don't like the art. I really love having Judd Winick on this book. I loved his Red Hood return story in Batman, back in 2005, and it's nice to see him regain control of a character he put new life into. I recommend this issue slowly based on Judd Winick because he is a fabulous writer for Red Hood, and you know what? I've always loved his Batman stories.

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