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Less Dick, More Jason!

DC calls on Judd Winick to bring Jason Todd center stage in the newest issue of Batman and Robin #23.

The Good

Rule of thumb: if you want to give your audience a solid Jason Todd story, call upon the man who writes the character better than anyone, Judd Winick. First, I want to thank DC Comics for giving me another Jason Todd story. Second, I want to thank DC Comics for getting Judd Winick to write it. Winick knows the former 'Boy Wonder' turned hard-lined murderous criminal better than anyone, and that's partly because he was the one to pen Jason Todd's turn to the dark side. Winick's familiarity with the character shows in this issue and it is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Fans of Jason will not be disappointed with his return, chronicled here. The two pages that open the issue depict the boy he once was (the second Robin) and his transition into the murderous Red Hood- acting as a refreshing and eloquent introduction to Todd for new, unfamiliar readers.
The pacing was perfect. The story is solid, and the characterizations of all the characters that appear in the issue (Jason in particular) are superb. The art is very beautiful, and I particularly love Guillem March's artistic rendition of Jason Todd. About five pages into the issue is one panel in particular showing Bataman pointing down at Jason in a reprimanding manner. The way Guillem captures Jason in this panel, seemingly carefree and slouching in his seat in response to Bruce's "talk" was perfect. The simplicity of this panel is so telling and symbolic of who these characters are and how they feel about one another.

The Bad

This issue is perfect. From timing and pacing to the artistic interpretation. I absolutely loved it.

The Verdict

Often writers forget to tie the loose ends of a story. Sometimes when two characters "fall out," we find that they resolve their issues off panel. Winick addresses that here. If the reader is familiar with Bruce Wayne, they know he doesn't always talk much. But Jason is a talker. He likes the attention and he wants answers. The scene where he and Bruce meet, and Jason says "business as usual" is absolutely brilliant. This issue was written by Winick for Jason Todd fans, and I absolutely cannot wait to see where the character is taken next.

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