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"Goodbye Darkness"


Within this issue, we would see more of the White Knight and how truly dark he is, despite his goals to bring light into Gotham.
Within this issue, we would see more of the White Knight and how truly dark he is, despite his goals to bring light into Gotham.

Batman and Robin #21 is one of the very few issues that really gives off a wonderful pace that I personally can compare to the short Batman episodes within the DCAU. Taking a whole new look within Gotham City, it’s villains, and even the new Dark Knight himself, we’re introduced to a new villain that strives to give Gotham the completely opposite treatment that Batman tends to give, which is some light. But what this new White Knight has to give to the readers is something much more interesting as we see his true goals within this issue.

Within this issue, Peter Tomasi takes us deeper into this new villain and we get to see exactly how dark and grim he really is, which is quite ironic seeing how he’s a man who’s on a mission to do what he believes is the right thing. Aside from relating this short story to the DCAU, I would say that this is something that I would expect from the television series known as Millennium seeing how it’s focused on displaying an abnormal side of criminal behaviors. Strongly resembling an episode known as “Goodbye Charlie” where a killer would give his victims a decorated and a respectful death, but much more darker and abnormal.

Aside from getting to know more about this White Knight, I would say that this second-part story does have itself on an outstanding pace where it has me excited on wanting to learn the events within the next issue and if I would see more of the White Knight. Only thing that I’ve noticed is that I found it odd on how it was Alfred who was doing the forensics research within the Batcave. Something that Bruce would naturally do himself while Alfred was cooking up a special Duck soup, and the fact that Grayson here does have the capabilities to do the research himself (seeing how he knows so damn much about birds that he clearly expressed within this issue). I know that Alfred is a butler who takes great pride in washing the Bat-tights, but having him doing what naturally would be expected from Batman is a bit off character, in my opinion it’s a step away from seeing Afred taking up the role as Batman.

Batman and Robin #21 is an issue that really gave an interesting outlook for our new Gotham villain and does have a very abnormal and grim outlook within it. Despite how he’s another character whose goals are steered by the villains within Arkham, but in a much darker way than what the Dealer recently gave us, I would say that this White Knight has successfully caught my interest. So if you haven’t managed to add this issue into your collection, it’s highly advised that you pick this issue up and not miss out on the short story “Tree of Blood”

Thankyou for reading, and HAIL COBRA!!!!!    

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